*Full Moon in Leo February Ritual

Happy Full Moon Witches! The February Full Moon falls in the fire sign of Leo between the 8-9th. The energy you will feel is meant to light the fire within you! Allow it to guide you to make bold choices, to strengthen your belief in yourself, and to to move forward with intention and Motivation.

Full Moons are when we feel complete, it's the time when we embrace all the good around us and in us, and enjoy what the universe has brought to us, and release all that no longer serves us. Whether you choose to do all or some of this ritual, follow your heart and do what works for you in this time. Adapt, and change to what you want from it! There are no rules!

Full Moon Leo

Leo Full Moon Ritual 2020

This ritual is best done from February 7th-12th, 2020. You can do this at anytime, and should allow at least 45 minutes to complete in entirety. Remember to give yourself the space to rest, reset, and recharge afterwards - don't make big plans. 

First, Gather:

* Cleansing tool of choice (eg. Grounding Spray, Sage, Palo Santo, bells, etc.)

* 4-5 candles (white or yellow is best, tea lights work amazing)

* Small cardboard box or Glass Jar that you can close

* Paper and pen

* A fire-safe bowl 

* A glass of Water

* Full Moon Meditation Oil (Here - Optional)

* A guided Meditation of choice 10-15 mins long - choose one with "release" or "elements" as the intention. 


1.) Place the candles in a square configuration with one in each corner. Place the box in the middle and have your pen and paper to the side. Light your candles. Each candle represents Earth (North), Air (East), Fire (South), and Water (West). If in your practice, add Spirit (centre). Place your bowl in the centre of the candle formation (below spirit, if using).

2.) Begin by cleansing your aura and then your surroundings using your tool of choice. As you cleanse, feel free to recite the following (repeat each 3 times) -

To cleanse your aura: “Under the energy of the Full Moon, I cleanse and release all that weighs heavy on my heart. I release my pains of the past. I let go of all that troubles me, crushes me, and keeps me playing small. I let it all go so I may rise tall. I feel lighter now, my heart is free. I am cleansed, I am free to be me.”

To cleanse your surroundings: “My space is cleansed with a loving light, my space is cleansed on this Full Moon night. May the light of the Moon and the light of the stars, cleanse my space from all that is dark. My space is light, my space is love, my space is safe and protected. Vibrations of peace, love, and joy surround me and my space. Only love dwells here. I am safe, loved, and protected in this space.”

2.) Sit in front of your candles and box and begin the guided meditation. If you'd like, begin first by dropping a few drops of meditation oil in your hands, rubbing together and taking 3 deep, controlled inhales, before placing your left hand on the floor and your right on your heart. You can also hold a crystal or stone in your hand during this time.

3.) Take your pieces of paper and write down 7 things to release inspired by the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit (if using) (see below). Be as detailed as you'd like and really sit with each, and allow the pen to flow.

Some Examples:

Earth: List 7 things that weigh you down, keep you stuck or unable to make a decision to move forward. You can also include things about your roots, background, home, and family. Example: I release what other people think of me…etc.

Air: List 7 things that make you feel anxious or flighty and stops you from being able to commit to projects or relationships long term. You can also include worrisome thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Example: I release my anxious thoughts around the health and wellbeing of my family members…etc.

Fire: List 7 things that makes you feel angry, frustrated or fired up, also things that drain your energy and make you feel burnt out. You can also include things that make you feel jealous or any insecurities. Example: I release my fear around setting boundaries with others….etc.

Water: List 7 things that make you feel sad, overly emotional or closed off. If there is something that you feel is blocking your heart get it out onto paper too. You can also include things around your feelings of comfort, health, nurturing, and self-love. Example: I release the fear I have around losing someone else I love…etc.

Spirit: (optional): List 7 things that you feel are trapping your energy, sapping, blocking or repressing your spirit + passion. You can include boundaries you are having issues with, energy or creative energy you feel is being held back, or things that make you feel Less Then. Example: I release the blockage I feel when I work on... etc. 

4.) Once you have it all written down take your pieces of paper and begin ripping them into strips, dropping them into the box or jar. As you rip, recite the following-

With each tear of paper, I feel myself letting go. I feel myself letting go of all the past pains, all the past hurts, and all the things that keep me playing small and scared of following my passion. I am a magnificent, attractive, passionate, and powerful being and I deserve to stand tall and proud in who I am today. I love myself too much to hold onto things that dim my light. So as I rip, I release, and as I release, my light grows stronger. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

5.) Now take your strips of paper and place them into the box or Jar. Close the lid either with tape or just secure it with your hands and then stand up in front of your candles and just shake it!!! Get your whole body into it, feel yourself releasing old stagnant energy as you shake the box and shake your body. Stamp your feet, move your arms, feel the energy build and surround you. You can put on some music, dance around, just give it a vigorous shake! Get out all your emotions as you do.

6.) Once you are done shaking and moving, press your hands to the ground, then move to stretch your arms into the air - make yourself as tall and straight as you can.

7.) Take your papers out and squish them into a ball, as tightly as you can, and place it in the fire-safe bowl or into a fire pit/place. Take a long Match, and use one of your candles to light it, then light the ball. Allow it to burn, safely!!. Once it has started and all the papers are on fire, take your water and pour overtop the papers, saying "I release" as you put them out.

8.) When you are done, make sure the papers are all extinguished, snuff out candles (or blow out your candles and be sure to make a wish!) and then pour the water/papers into your garden, or outside somewhere.

Happy Full Moon!


** As always, When using candles, doing candle magic, and using fire to finish intentions please be careful not to burn yourself! Use the proper precautions and always burn on fire-safe plates/bowls. Do NOT leave candles unattended and do not burn candles/papers in metal containers. Do NOT discard of materials that have not been fully extinguished  The Oil Witch is not liable for any harm caused should you not following the proper precautions. Be smart + safe witches!

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