*Scorpio Full SuperMoon Ritual

May 7th brings us the third and last SuperMoon of the year. Her energy will be off the charts - and what better way to honour her than to gently harness some of her energy.

With the current state of the world, it's more important than ever to really release what no longer serves and move into the power we've always known we had. By using some of the things we have at home & see daily as reminders of our power we can create stronger intentions. Reminders create consistency and consistency grows the intention + manifestation.

With that in mind, you'll want to gather a little extra for this Moon's ritual - and that's a piece of jewelry (bracelet, ring, necklace) that is NOT your marriage band but that you WILL wear every day - again that "Consistency" thing. If jewelry is not your cup of tea, pick something you can keep on you - a crystal, a coin, a watch (not a tech watch, and no your cell phone can't be your thing - although check my IG stories @theoilwitch for manifestation wallpapers you can use on your phone) - again just something you will see often and can keep with you. 

It's time to tell the Universe you are ready for a new Vibration. 

This Full Moon Ritual is best done between May 6th-11th. It should take less than an hour of uninterrupted time. 

You Will Need: 

  • Your Grounding Tools (Smudge, Palo Santo, Bells, or Grounding Spray)
  • The piece of Jewelry/Token you've chosen
  • A Small bowl of Water
  • Crystal of choice
  • Herbs, Leaves, Flower Petals
  • Essential Oil of choice or one of these 
  • A stiff piece of paper (like cardstock, cardboard, or an an old card)
  • A fire-safe bowl
  • Matches or a Lighter
  • a piece of paper/pen

To start, create a quiet, inviting space, light candles or incense. Gather all your items and put on some soft music. Feel the energy in the space you've created, and keep the intention of creating positive light energy at the front of your mind. Try and clear your mind of all else, and silence any distractions like your phone. 

Ground and Cleanse your space, and gathered items, using your tools of choice. While cleansing, you can say something like "I cleanse this space and these tools so I may work in complete peace and love. Any negative energy may leave. Allow this work to be done in perfect love. Thank You" or you may choose to keep your thoughts on your intentions. Make sure to cleanse your Aura as well by spraying/passing the smoke over yourself or ringing the bell above your head, heart, and heels, and always do this with a window open (so the negative energy has somewhere to go).

Sit in front of your gathered items and focus on them for a minute, allowing yourself to get lost in the ripples of the water, or in the flickering flame of a candle. With a deep inhale, breathe in the positive energy you've created, and with a long exhale, breathe out all the negativity in your body. You can follow the 4-4-8 (inhale) one-two-three-four (hold) one-two-three-four (exhale) one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight breathing method if you'd like.  Repeat this breathing method 3-5 times, or until you feel like you've got it all out. 

Optional - If you are feeling like you've got a lot weighing you down recently, you can preform a simple release. You'll want to do this before the next steps, if releasing the negative energy through breath work was not enough. Grab your piece of paper and write down all you wish to release, negative words or thoughts, just let them flow from your heart to the pen. Feel free to take as much or as little time as you wish with this. It's out and released now. Now, shred the paper into strips and light each on fire, either with a candle or your lighter. As they burn, say to yourself    "These negative thoughts are released, I am released" and drop the burning papers into your fire-safe bowl. Make sure the papers are fully extinguished (or use a bit of your water to put them out fully - practice safe fire methods!). You can put the bowl to the side. Those thoughts are now released into the universe and are no longer your burden to bear. 

Next, take your bowl of water in front of you. Add to it your leaves, petals, or herbs - these can be foraged from outside or your kitchen pantry. Dried cinnamon sticks are great for calling abundance in, blades of grass or new leaves signify growth, rose petals for love, things like dried oregano or thyme from your spice cupboard - but really whatever you feel called to. Add a few drops of your essential oil of choice. Lastly - and only if you can - add your jewelry piece (if it is in any way porous or it could be damaged by water, keep it next to the bowl instead). If your crystal is not porous and can withstand a dip in the water, you can add it in as well or again, keep it to the side. Typically, if it's a crystal that ends in "ite" you do not want to add it into the water. Quartz is a perfect crystal to submerge for this ritual, however. 

With your finger, stir the water in a clockwise motion, again calling in your intentions of creating Energy + Positivity in your life as you stir.

You can say something like "Allow intentions of pure, positive light energy to flow to me. Nothing can stop me, the Universe has Big Plans for me. Infuse my (ring, necklace, coin) with your light energy and charge it with the Super Moon's Rays. Allow that energy to lead me to my highest purpose and fill me with pure, true light." If you have something specific you'd like to manifest, ask for it now. Always end with a "Thank you" 

Once you are done, put your hands around your bowl and imagine pure, white light energy shooting from the bowl and entering your body - like a fountain of energy entering your soul. Think only positive, empowering, energetic thoughts and continue this acceptance of energy for as long as you would like, or feels natural to you.

Grab your cardstock/thicker paper and on it, write down one or two words that you are feeling right now, or things you want to manifest. Remove your jewelry/token from the water, as well as your crystal (if you'd prefer it not to be submerged overnight), and dry it off. Place your bowl of water in a place where the moonlight will hit it (you can also place it outside if you'd like/feel comfortable doing so), place the cardstock overtop that, and put your jewelry/token/crystal on top of that so it's suspended over the water.  Leave overnight, to absorb the power of the Full Moon. 

Make sure you've also put out any crystals, tarot decks or oracle cards into the Moonlight (again, either inside in a windowsill or outside if it's not going to rain) as well so they benefit from the charging rays!

The ritual is over, however one of my favourite things to do after a ritual is "dance it out"- turn on the song that makes you move most and just allow your body to move naturally and freely to it. This, I feel, really cements the energy in your body that you've just added. 

In the morning, grab your newly charged items and hold them tightly in your hand, as you say the words you've written 20 times and reinforce the intention. Keep these items with you all month, and either wear or keep under your pillow/beside your bed while you sleep. When you look at the item, say your intentional words again as many times as you'd like, as means of grounding and manifesting those things. You can set a reminder on your phone a few times a day to recite the words until it becomes habit as well. 

Discard of the water and organic materials into your garden or compost, use the moon water to water plants, whatever feels right to you. If you chose also to do a burn release, dig a hole in your garden and place the ashes inside, and cover with dirt, or plant a spring bulb/seed in your hole - watch as something beautiful grows from the things you've let go of. 

Happy Full Moon!

If you have any questions or comments about the above, I'd love to hear them!! 




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