Bridal Packages

It's Your Wedding Day - you've planned every tiny detail, you've picked your flowers, your dress, your colours, and you've picked your very best friends to support you while you walk down the aisle. 

Show them how much they each mean to you by creating a signature scent just for them. With so many customizations available, these perfumes will be as unique as they are, but with a common scent theme in each.  The Bride receives hers for free!

- Choose your size (10ml Roller, 10ml Spray, 30ml Spray) *Roller is an oil roller made with organic coconut oil. Prices vary by size.

- Choose your Scent Theme - this is the main scent that they will all have in common.

- Tell me what you'd like each scent variation to feel/smell like

For example:

* Scent Theme - Roses

* Variations - One Rose/Citrus, One Rose/Sweet, One Rose/Floral

- Add flowers (such as what's going in the bouquets) , crystals (representing love, friendship, happiness etc), or a colour scheme (spray perfumes can be created in any colour) 

- Tell me what each label should say - whether with symbols, words, nicknames - the possibilities are endless! 

Contact me at to get started + for a quote!