Intuitive Meditation Oil Workshops

Scent memory is one of the most powerful triggers for our brain - it brings us back to the pieces of time where a certain scent was prevalent and allows our body to re-live the feelings at that time. So by creating a grounding oil in an intentional space, and then using it for meditation or yoga, at a time where you feel at peace and relaxed, you can re-trigger that feeling by using that oil when things are going a little sideways, you're having a bad day, or just need to calm down. 

In this 1.5 hour workshop, we work together to create a Grounding meditation oil (choice of 10ML roller or 15ML dropper bottle) that speaks to your inner-most desires. 

The Workshop Includes:

  • Crystal and Botanical Selections for your creation that you intuitively choose
  • An intention-setting ritual to infuse our oils with our deepest desires
  • Energy reading + Custom Oil Blend creation for each participant where I will intuitively create the best oil blend for you based on your energy. 

What People Are Saying:

 "It was absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with this incredible group" 

"I just put some of my custom oil on before bed and I love it!"

"I loved every minute we spent with you! Thank you again so much! I LOVE my oil you helped me create!"

"Such an amazing experience! Loved every minute. Love my Oil. You are Amazing xo"

The workshop is best run in groups of 10 or under. I will travel within a 1 hour radius of Edmonton free of charge, anything past that will have a travel charge applied. Price is $50 per participant. To Book, or For More information on travel pricing, please contact me at