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Custom Perfume
Custom Perfume
Custom Perfume
Custom Perfume

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Custom Perfume

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A signature scent, made just for you.  Using all-natural products, tell me what you like, dislike, and a bit about you. As a Master Aromatherapist, I will create a one-of-a-kind perfume that is based on the information provided. Wether you are looking for something soft + sweet, or bold + spicy, I promise your scent will be just what you're looking for.

First, Choose your perfume type: 

- Spray (10 ML) (Gold or Classic) Gold currently out of stock - but I am trying to get more!

- Roller Ball (10 ML)

- Crystal Glass Bottle (30ML) 

Next, Answer the survey + feel free to add more comments at the end. If this is a gift, let me know what name you'd like on the perfume!

When making your survey selections, be like Beyonce - "to the left, to the left" - choose the box in front of the selection you'd like to make! Check as many as you'd like, I may not use them all - only what makes sense. 

All perfumes come with a custom label with your name (or the name of a loved one). Sometimes I add organic rose petals or herbs, if you aren't interested in these being included, again let me know in the comments. Because I use natural products in my perfumes, they will not last as long as a commercial/chemical perfume - but you can feel good about what you are spraying on your body + in your environment!

I promise you'll love it, and if you don't I'll fix it or refund you - but I'm really freaking good 😘 

Please allow 3-5 Business Days for Custom Perfumes to be Ready/Shipped.