Daily Planner - Dated or Undated PDF
Daily Planner - Dated or Undated PDF
Daily Planner - Dated or Undated PDF

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Daily Planner - Dated or Undated PDF

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I looked high and low, did tons of research, and COULD NOT find the planner I wanted - it felt like I was searching for a Unicorn! Instead of settling, I decided to create my own Daily Planner, and this is the result. Daily pages with helpful trackers and space to write! Practicing Daily Gratitude has been a GAME CHANGER for me and I feel like it's so important to put those words out into the universe. Daily Affirmations or "I am" Statements to remind myself of how capable and strong and determined I am! 

2021 Year Planner PDF

* Daily pages (dated for the year 2021 January-December or undated)

* Weekly Overview Spreads

* Monthly Calendar

* Goal Planning Worksheets

* Mini Vision Board

* Personalized Cover with logo or quote of choice

With the daily dated planner, you receive the year long planner ready to send to your printer. This is a big book (220 printed double-sided) and you can print it to whatever size you'd like (I'd suggest either 25cm H x 19cm W for a slightly smaller book or 21cm H x 28cm W for the full-size large version).

With the update version, you receive all the goal setting pages, a personalized front cover, and the daily/weekly/monthly templates so you can print a less thick book (I suggest 3-6 months at a time - see suggested sizes above). 

Once your order is placed, please email me your logo (jeanie@wildroseperfumery.ca) and some ideas as to what you'd like your cover to look like (black and white, colour, graphic lines, botanicals, etc).  You will receive an email back with the personalized cover for approval before the final document is sent. 

Again, this is something I created for me - and it's my first foray into planners (long time scheduler, but the first time I've made something that was exactly the way I wanted!) I would love your feedback so I can keep making changes and perfecting it for future years!

**Please note you will be sent a digital PDF copy of the file you select. You will receive an email with the planner you choose + print instructions, to then send to your printer or print off from home. The cost of the actual printing of the planner is NOT included in our price. As planner covers are personalized, please allow one business day to receive the file.