Grounding Kit
Grounding Kit
Grounding Kit

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Grounding Kit

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We could all use to clear some negativity from our life, no? This set includes our Grounding Sage + Crystal Spray,  a handcrafted smoke cleanse bundle, and a smokey quartz crystal. 

1 -Grounding Sage + Crystal Spray - $20 Bring it all back down to Earth when things go sideways. The grounding spray is a blend of Essential Oils and crystals formulated for clearing negativity, aid in mediation, sleep and protecting your energy.

(2 oz Amber Glass Bottle)

1 -Smoke Cleanse Bundle - $10 Organically grown herbs  (lavender, sage, lemonbalm), harvested in St. Albert AB and hand-tied. 

1 -Smokey Quartz - $5.25 Grounding + Uplifting, Smokey Quartz aides in protection, balance and healing.  

Limited Quantities available! 

*please use caution while burning sage bundles. Always burn in a controlled environment, and fully extinguish after using.  WildRose Perfumery/The Oil Witch is in no way liable or responsible for how these bundles are burned.