Son of An Itch First Aid Remedy Roller

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Son of An Itch First Aid Remedy Roller

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A blend of essential oils to soothe those nasty allergies + bug bites. This is truly a First Aid Kit in a bottle - use it for everything!!

To use:

Bug Bites - simply roll on the spot. It takes a minute to start working, but once it does you won't feel or see that pesky spot anymore.

Allergies - Roll on cheekbones and wrists and breathe in to clear sinuses or calm inflamed/red skin.

Scrapes + Bruises - Roll on to any minor cut, abrasion or bruise. The oils are natural antiseptics and will help heal the wound faster.

Burns - After running minor burns under cold water, roll on and see the burn heal much faster with little to no blistering.

** For any major reactions, cuts or burns please seek medical attention, this will only help with minor first aid! DO NOT use near Eyes, DO NOT ingest. 

What's in it: 100% pure essential oils - lavender, lemon, tea tree and peppermint + Coconut Carrier Oil.